Room at the Top - by John Dewhirst

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Room At The Top is the third volume in the Bantamspast History Revisited series and tells the story of the origins of football in Bradford the early development of sport in the town and the competition between its different clubs.

It narrates how the rivalry of Manningham FC and Bradford FC came about and the story of their respective grounds at Valley Parade and Park Avenue. Included is a history of all the original clubs in Bradford and the conflict that existed between rugby and soccer.

Written by John Dewhirst this is a definitive history of professional sport in Bradford that also provides detail of other activities including cricket.

All four volumes in the series can be purchased from the Bantams Banter shop.

Between them the four volumes record the history of Bradford City from its genesis to the modern day. A possible fifth volume in the series is in the planning stages and may be confirmed in 2017.Further information from